Saturday, February 28, 2015

Additional YF-4E 62-12200 Fly-By-Wire Photos

Scan0753 Scan0752 Some additional photos that I ran across on this very interesting aircraft. With a better overhead shot of it in flight. The last three candid snapshots were taken by me on 6/28/1975 while the bird was on the St. Louis McAir ramp.

For the full story, read my original post here.

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Unknown said...

Saw this little bird about the second week it was on display at WPAFB love at first sight told myself I'd build a model of it some day. Retired and decided to build it, but after getting to WPAFB the little plane was gone ... they could not find it? then they got mad when I as how do you lose a one of a kind plane from the middle of a hanger ... got an angry letter from WPAFB how dare I say they lost it ... well to my way of thinking if you can't find something and it's spot on the floor is empty ... it's lost. They sent a follow up which claimed it was in for a new paint job ... hope it wasn't bright orange. so far a tiny 13 inch model flew 80 yards be fore the battery gave out, larger versions have had every problem you can think of, basically they didn't meet my standards and were destroyed ... one took to the air and was destroyed when the fan came apart, ripping it's way through the side ... it was close, currently thinking about trying one more time ... twin EDF 1/10th scale ...

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