Friday, March 1, 2013

5000 th F-4 Phantom II Bluebook

In May of 1978, McDonnell Douglas issued a booklet to commemorate the 5000 th Phantom II produced. Myself, Bob Pukala and several of my aviation historian friends were tasked with the makeup of this booklet. We looked through thousands of photos, added captions and wrote letters to get permission to publish several pictures. While it had limited distribution, it was wildly received!

 Download the F-4 Bluebook as a PDF here

Federal Standard 595C



Federal Standard 595B has been revised to 595C.
The main reason for revising the document was to add 39 new colors, and to update associated media (fan deck and individual color chips). Revision B of FED-STD-595 was published in December 1989, and Change 1 was posted January 1994; . . . so the document was overdue for update/validation.

Federal Standard 595 is a document used to reference colors procured by the federal government. The new document includes 650 colors referenced by a 5 digit color chip number. This standard is used for a variety of federal supplies, but is most frequently used for paints and coatings (FSC 8010). FED-STD-595 incorporates a color fan deck (NSN 7690-01-162-2210) which provides a visual reference for each of the 650 colors. It also has provisions for 4-7/8 x 2-7/8” individual color chips which are used for spectrophotometric color matching.
Info from the: Federal Standard 595, “Colors Used in Government Procurement” Frequently Asked Questions.

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