Wednesday, February 11, 2015

F-18 Photo Recon Prototype Update

RF-18 Nose-2RF-18 Nose-3 Jack Abercrombie was going thru his MDC reports and found these two fine sketches of the RF-18A moldline and probe changes.

Original RF-18 post here

A very good article from on the F/A-18 reconnaissance aircraft along with great photos is here.

Additional info from Wikipedia states:


This was a proposed reconnaissance version of the F/A-18A. It included a sensor package that replaced the 20 mm cannon. The first of two prototypes flew in August 1984. Small numbers were produced.[71]
Proposed two-seat reconnaissance version for the US Marine Corps in the mid-1980s. It was to carry a radar reconnaissance pod. The system was canceled after it was unfunded in 1988. This ability was later realized on the F/A-18D(RC)”


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