Monday, February 2, 2015

McAir Collision Avoidance System - EROS

Scan0012Scan1719 After several F-4 collisions and near misses in the 1960’s over the McAir test range, McAir developed a collision avoidance system called EROS for it’s aircraft (Think “Zero” instead of an “O”). The Eliminate Range Zero System was built into a Sparrow type body and carried anywhere the Sparrow would fit. While originally built for F-4 use, early F-15’s also used it until the early 1980’s when the FAA developed the TCAS system (Traffic Alert/Collision Avoidance System) and took over the duties. I don’t know how many EROS bodies were built; but, I have seen up to #47 in photos. In with the photos, I have included a Product support article explaining the system and a Tech Manual installation guide from here. While it did a good job on it’s primary mission (protecting McAir aircraft), it was an expensive system and the main flaw was that each aircraft had to be equipped with the installation. This was O.K. for all the McAir aircraft; but other military and civilian aircraft didn’t have it.

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