Sunday, March 1, 2015

F-15A Full Scale Development 72-0120 Photos

Scan0010Scan0010b These are photos of F-15A-6-MC 72-0120 taken next to bldg. 002 at the St. Louis McAir plant before being sent to Israel.

Initial deliveries to Israel of the McDonnell Douglas F-15 commenced on December 1976 as four Category II, Full-scale Development (FSD) aircraft were accepted under under a Foreign Military Sales project known as Peace Fox. Bearing serial numbers 72-0116 through 72-0118 and 72-0120, the fighters had been updated to full F-15A standard before delivery; but still retained the smaller speed brakes.

Note that in the above photos, the wing tips appear not to be clipped yet.

72-0120 became Baz 648 in the Israeli service.

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