Sunday, December 29, 2013

Early F-4 Painting

F-4 PaintingAn additional find in the corner box was another early 1960’s handout that I always liked. Click on photo for larger view.

Gemini Capsule Lithograph

Gemini Litho While nosing around in box in the corner of my basement, I found this great 1960’s Gemini lithograph that I had to share. Click on photo for larger view.

Technical Order TO 1-1-4

0067I was asked for a copy of this the other day and thought that it would be a good entry for the blog. It is an “oldie but a goodie” for modelers.

This United States Air Force technical order covers USAF aircraft Markings and layout schemes through 1998.

Download TO 1-1-4 in a PDF here

Patches and Stickers II

AV-8BDemonFlt TestUSAF Flt TestVoodooMore patches and stickers from my archives. (Click photos for large view.)

F-4B and RF-4C Fuselage Cuts Drawings

F-4B CutsRF-4C CutsIn order to aid scale modelers, McDonnell issued some F-4 drawings with fuselage cuts shown on them. Here are the F-4B and RF-4C drawings.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The McDonnell Douglas Suspended Maneuvering System (SMS)–“The Flying Fire Engine”

smsIn 1976 a number of Fire Chiefs asked MDC to design a “Flying Fire Engine” to rescue people from high rise fires above where ladders could reach. The result was the SMS. It was slung under a helicopter and maneuvered by an on board engine and could hold about 19 people. A unique idea that actually worked and was tested by the LA fire department for a year. But, reaction was mixed concerning the limitations of the helicopter that was needed and only the prototype was ever made.

Excellent references for this are:

1. Secret Project Forum Info – Many photos and discussion.

2. YouTube Demo Film - Periscope Film LLC archive

3. Flicker Photo Stream – By SeattleGuy51

4. Mikes Photos – Fire department photos

My Favorite Aviation History Sites

Almost all of my info comes from my own archives; but, when I need some additional info, some clarification or just for entertainment -  I go to these sites:

1. Tailhook Topics - Tommy H. Thomason's wonderful site.

2. Secret and Unbuilt ProjectsPaul Martell-Mead’s forum for the unusual.

3. Replica in ScaleThe great Phillip Friddell site.

4. The Hush-Kit - The alternative aviation magazine

5. Aerospace History Blog – By White Eagle Aerospace

6. Stellar-Views – Great photo galleries

7. RetroMechanix – Yesterday’s wings

8.The Phantom Phacts – More F-4 facts

9.Travel for Aircraft – Military and Civilian aircraft photos

F-18 Photo Recon Prototype


Photo 001Photo 002Photo 003F-18 Photo Recon Here are three photos of the F-18 photo recon prototype installation on Hornet One.

The last photo is a production installation. This part of the Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System (ATARS) requirement.

McDonnell Douglas Corporation Lineage


The Douglas Aircraft Company was founded in 1921.

McDonnell Aircraft Corporation was founded in1939.

In 1967 McDonnell Aircraft Corporation merged with Douglas. The combined company was called the McDonnell Douglas Corporation (MDC), with headquarters at St Louis.

The main divisions were, McDonnell Aircraft Company (MCAIR), and Douglas Aircraft Company (DAC), while Douglas Missiles & Space Systems Division became the McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company (MDAC).

In 1984 MDC purchased Hughes Helicopters and formed the McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company (MDHC).

The parent MDC was later subdivided into DAC, McDonnell Douglas Aerospace (MDA), comprising MCAIR, MDHC and MD Space and Electronic Systems, and Military Transport Aircraft (MTA), a separate company for the production of the C-17.*

In 1997 most of MDC was purchased by Boeing. All aircraft remaining in production becoming Boeing products. The only part not purchased was McDonnell Douglas Helicopters, which was sold to a specially formed Dutch group called MD Helicopter Co. They continue the MDHC products in Mesa, Arizona.

* Along the way, we had McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company (MDA), McDonnell Douglas Transportation Company (MDTC), McDonnell Douglas Finance Corporation (MDFC), McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Company (MDTSCO) and the McDonnell Douglas Automation Company (McAUTO), to name a few.

For a good Douglas Aircraft history, go here

Some of the Douglas Aircraft Corporation logos:

Douglas 1Douglas 2Douglas 3Douglas 4Douglas 5Douglas 6Mcdonnell-logo4a

Some of the McDonnell Aircraft/McDonnell Douglas Corporation logos:


F-4 Phantom II 50th Anniversary Stickers - Part I

50th50th Logo Several F-4 50th anniversary stickers from 2008.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Under the Sign – Part III

f3h-1n More products from “Under the Sign”.

See below for Part I and Part II.

EF-18 Rollout Press Packet

EF-18_00 News packets were prepared for the press and other media whenever a new aircraft or model was introduced. They contained photos, fact sheets, descriptions and sometimes booklets. This was the press release packet for the Spanish F-18.

Download the EF-18 Press packet in a PDF here.

F-4 Tactical Recon Booklet

Scan-131120-0001 Late 1980’s proposal to extend the service life of the RF-4C aircraft. (The enhanced Phantom II) Interesting reading.

Download the Tac Recon booklet in a PDF here.

Proposed F-15 Thunderbirds Markings

F-15 T-Birds 1 F-15 T-Birds 2     McDonnell Douglas made a pitch for the Thunderbirds to use the F-15 and these photos show what the color scheme might have looked like. (The second photo is a USAF F-15 2048x2048 Skin by Zimster.)

F-15B71-291 (Bi-Centennial) For the USA Bi-Centennial in 1976,  F-15B71-291 was painted in (Most of) the proposed Thunderbirds  scheme with the T-Bird Logo replaced by the Bi-Centennial one.

F-18 Gun Installation Photo

Scan0013 A nice photo of the F-18 M61A1 20mm Gun.

See this article for more details :

Boeing Lithographs (of MDC Products)

F-18E_1 After Boeing took over, they also issued lithographs of present and past MDC products.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

McDonnell Douglas Lithographs–Part I

010002 As I have mentioned before, McDonnell issued a lot of lithographs for publicity and for handouts. I have assembled a few here for your pleasure.

F-15 Conformal Fuel Tanks Prototype Photos

Scan0001 Scan0002 Scan0003 These are development photos of the F-15 Conformal Fuel Tanks while being built in Bldg. 002. Top 50 blog award!