Saturday, March 29, 2014

McDonnell Plant in 1959

Scan0026The plant layout a few years before I arrived. I spent many years in all of these buildings at one time or another!

McDonnell F-111 Sled Test Article

HP Scan0001 (4)McDonnell Aircraft was the subcontractor for the F-111 Crew Emergency Escape Capsule. This is a nice photo of the sled test article.

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McDonnell Douglas Lithographs–Part IV

F-15 STOL 0001More of the wonderful MDC lithographs!

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Factory Floor Photos - Part III

F-4B_F-4C_Sep_63More photos from the MDC assembly line!

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F4H-1P Photo Recon Aircraft Proposal

HP Scan0001Selected pages from the July 1958 F4H-1P photo recon proposal by McDonnell Aircraft to the US Navy. An interesting look at the early attempt to provide a recon aircraft from the F-4A. Note the “Night Photo Terrain Lighting Pod”.

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Under the Sign - Part V

HP Scan0005More under the sign photos.

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Over the St. Louis Arch–Part I

F-4'sIn addition to photographing all new MDC products under the MDC sign, many photos were taken of the aircraft flying over the St. Louis, Mo landmark Arch. Here are a few of those photos.

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F-15 Eagle Drawings

Scan0011A nice set of early short speedbrake F-15 drawings with markings and fuselage cuts by Bob Pukala and Capt. Mike Byers.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

McDonnell Douglas 50th Year Booklet

mdc_01_CoverIn 1970, McDonnell Douglas issued a 50th year booklet with history and accomplishments.

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F-4 Large Lithographs

F-4B Litho In the 1960’s, McDonnell issued this wonderful set of large F-4 lithographs of different F-4’s and from various countries. Enjoy!

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McDonnell F4H-1 Phantom II (143388) Photo

F4H-1_1This is the third Phantom II produced by McDonnell, as an YF4H-1, this aircraft was at first designated F4H-1F and later as the F-4A. In the early to mid 1960’s, it was assigned to the General Electric company for J-79 development work. It is now at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. A US Navy photo. Note all the F-101 assembly in the background.

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Naval Aviation Photo Essay

HP Scan0003A photo miscellany of naval aircraft from my archives. This was another article that I wrote for the McDonnell Scale Modelers’ Club magazine “Phantom Flyer”.

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F-4 Phantom II 30th Year Invitation and Celebration

F_4_30_Year_Invite_001 F-4 30 Year Invite 003 My 1988 invite to Salute the 30th Anniversary of the First Flight of the F-4 Phantom II held at the I31st Tactical Fighter Wing 0f the Missouri Air National Guard. Plus the Product Support article and photo of the 30th anniversary aircraft over the arch!

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F-4E J-79 Engine Photos

Scan0015I ran across these five photos of the J-79 engines installed in F-4E No. 483 and up. Nice close-ups!

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McDonnell ASSET Program - Part I

Scan0020Scan0022 In the early 1960’s, McDonnell won a contract for the ASSET program to study the aerodynamic and thermodynamic properties of re-entry on vehicles. The Aerothermodynamic Structual Systems Environment Tests resulted in six launches aboard Thor missiles. (One is pictured above.) There was a good article in the May 27, 1963 edition of Missiles and Rockets magazine.
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Photos–Part I

HP Scan0011 (2) I ran across this group of  A-4 Skyhawk pictures and thought that someone might enjoy them.

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McDonnell Aircraft Engineering Standard Drawing Numbering System Sheet

McDonnell Standard Drawing Numbering System Jan-15-66This is the engineering sheet that lists all of the drawing numbers that McDonnell used for the various models that were produced up to 1966. (For example, 32-XXXXX was the F-4 prefix.)

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F-4 25th Anniversary Poster

0007aThe 25th F-4 anniversary poster. This is one of my favorites because it has a lot of info on it such as speed records, ship No. 122 and firsts for the aircraft!

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CF-18 Poster with Unit Badges

0006a A colorful CF-18 poster with unit badges.

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F-4 Blue Angel Information and Markings Sheets

00040005Another wonderful general info and modeling publication from MDC on the F-4 Blue Angel aircraft. There are 1/72nd Markings, station cuts and info.

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F-4 Phantom Aircraft Configuration Chart

0002aWhen I was in the F-4 Configuration Control Group in St. Louis and later on in the Engineering Change Order Group, we were updated every quarter with this F-4 Aircraft Configuration Control Chart. This one covers from Oct 1954 to Oct 1976. It is a quick way to see what equipment was added or deleted from block to block on the F-4 aircraft!

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McDonnell Mercury and Gemini Article

0001aIn February 1963, the Manned Spacecraft Center of NASA published an article in their Space News Roundup Magazine on McDonnell Aircraft winning the contract for building the Mercury and Gemini capsules and the subsequent work that transpired. It is a very good articles with seldom seen pictures.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

McDonnell Douglas Logo Heritage

MDC Logo-0001MDC Logo-0002Last December, I had a article on the McDonnell Douglas Company Lineage. Since then, I came across this article about the company logo and “Bug”  from the MDC mid 1990’s news letter called the “Team Talk”.

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