Monday, February 16, 2015

Aggressor (Iranian) F-14 Photos

Untitled 5 Ange Wang made note (See comments below) that this is really an F-14A Tomcat aircraft from the Navy Fighter Weapons School painted to resemble an Iranian F-14 and not an actual Iranian bird.  I thank him for setting this straight! Unfortunately, I still don’t know where I got these photos.

Click here to view photos


Ange Wang said...

Photos seemed to be taken in US but the aircraft is bearing Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force logo. Also I remember that in flight refueling probe bay cover door were removed from the aircraft before delivering to Iran. Aggressor aircraft maybe?

Ange Wang said...

Definitely not an Iranian aircraft for sure, just noticed the later version chin pod which is not a feature of the Iranian F-14s.

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