Thursday, February 16, 2017

McDonnell GAM-72 (ADM-20) Quail Photos

ZUntitled 2 According to the McDonnell Contract Technical Compliance Inspection report (TDDR-4): "The McDonnell GAM-72A missile weapon system consists of a small, air-launched, turbo-jet powered, high subsonic GAM—72A missile; the installation equipment and parts for internal stowage and launching of the missiles from B--52 type aircraft; and the special ground support equipment necessary for shipment, storage preparation and employment of the system.

The GAM-—72A is carried completely within the bomb bay of the bomber aircraft. Four missiles may be carried in the B-52. By means of special launch gear, the missiles are extended and air-launched, after which they will accelerate to a predetermined position relative to the launching aircraft and present separate targets to search radar systems.

Preselected flight plans are programmed into the missiles on the ground. While in free flight, each missile can make two programmed heading changes relative to its initial launch heading and one programmed speed change. The two heading changes and the times at which they will occur, however, may be changed an infinite number of times, prior to launch, from the carrier aircraft control panel."

Credit: Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum, Aviation Archives, USAF Museam and as marked

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