Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Douglas C-133 Cargomaster Photos

C-133-018 Another great Douglas Aircraft transport aircraft!

From Strategic Air Command.Com: "Conceived as an air transport for American ICBMs, the C-133 Cargomaster was developed by the Douglas Aircraft Company and first flown on 23 April 1956. It was the second and largest turboprop transport to be accepted by the U.S. Air Force.  The C-133 was designed to meet the requirements for the USAF's Logistic Carrier Support System SS402L. The aircraft differed considerably from the C-74 and C-124 Globemasters that had preceded it. A high-mounted wing, external blister fairings on each side for the landing gear, and rear-loading and side-loading doors ensured that access to, and the volume of, the large cargo compartment were not compromised by these structures. The cargo compartment (90 feet in length and 12 feet high) was pressurized, heated, and ventilated." The Jean Aker archive collection via the BoxArt Den

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