Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Boeing/MDC Company 1997 Annual Report

boeing97_01 The first annual report after McDonnell Douglas and Boeing “merged”. The annual report states:“

Fortune magazine called it “The Sale of the Century.” lt is hard for us to
contain our enthusiasm regarding the power and potential of the “new” Boeing,
which came into being with the completion of our merger with McDonnell
Douglas on August 1, 1997.
One could liken the new Boeing to the first freshly painted 747 jumbo jet.
We have created the world’s largest aerospace company. Now we must prove that
this giant new bird will fly farther, faster, higher — and more efficiently — than
anything else in the aerospace world. And we will.
Today's Boeing has a full and excellent line of products serving all three
principal aerospace markets — commercial, military and space. This gives us
unrivaled breadth and balance. And it opens up great opportunities for synergy,
or creative interplay, between our businesses.”

I will offer no opinion!

Click here to download report (1.5 Megs)


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