Friday, February 17, 2017

Added Compressed WinRAR GAM-72 Photos File

WinRAR 1 I got a request from James H. to make a link to download all of the 72 GAM-72 photos at one time. (Yes, he admitted that he is lazy! LOL!)

The only way I know to do this is with a compressed file, I use WinRAR. However, I have had complaints in the past about this method. So, I will let you guys weigh in on the question. WinRAR or not? What do you think about the RAR compression idea? Have you used it? Do you know how to use it? (I do explain it at the bottom of each post.) Let me know.

A note for MAC users: James Hantsch reports that he uses The Unarchiver Family on his MAC to un-compress this type of file and it works great!

Other suggestions on how to do this would be gratefully accepted.

BTW: I have tried MANY programs to download multiple photos from web sites, and none of them worked satisfactorily. But, I will keep looking. If you know one, please share!



Irfan said...

Since you're using WinRAR, you also have the option of compressing the files into the .zip format, which is much more compatible and can be opened without any additional software on Windows 7 and above.

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