Tuesday, January 10, 2017

McDonnell Mercury Spacecraft Clean Room

Untitled 3a I was recently asked where the McDonnell Mercury Spacecraft Clean Room was located in St. Louis and since my last office was in the old clean room, I dug out a few photos.

I discovered where the clean room was by comparing old photos using overhead pipes and support columns and some old-timers memories. The room was roughly in the Southeast corner of Bldg. 002, as noted by the white rectangle in the last(6) photo. Enjoy!

Click here to view photos


modelingspace-mike said...

Thanks for the pictures. Love anything spacey, aircrafty...well just about everything you're posting. Keep up the great work. Now, the Gemini on the other hand, were put together in bldg 101? The high bays seem to match in the pictures.

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