Sunday, January 15, 2017

Douglas Flight Ramp Photo

Douglas Ramp El Segundo 14 Nov 1954b A nice photo of a Douglas display on the flight ramp at El Segundo, Cal. in November 1954. Looks like an open house. Aircraft included are AD-4/5N Skyraiders, a A4 Skyhawk, a A3D Skywarrior, F4D Skyray , F3D Skyknight, A2D Skyshark and various stores and engines.

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Bart Fargo said...

I guess I was born too late because I would have loved to be at that event. Such an interesting variety of aircraft. Thanks for posting.

Tailspin said...

Great picture of Heinnemann's stable at his peak. However, that is an F4D Skyray behind the Skywarrior, not an F5D. The F5Ds were white and came later than this event. The lineup is bookended by an AD-5N in the foreground and an A2D Skyshark at the far end. The single-seat AD is probably a -4 but it could be a very early -6.

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