Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Favorite Aviation History Sites–Revisited

Almost all of my info comes from my own archives; but, when I need some additional info, some clarification or just for entertainment -  I go to these sites:

1. Tailhook Topics - Tommy H. Thomason's wonderful site.

2. Secret and Unbuilt Projects -  Paul Martell-Mead’s forum for the unusual.

3. Replica in Scale – The great Phillip Friddell site.

4. The Hush-Kit - The alternative aviation magazine

5. Aerospace History Blog – By White Eagle Aerospace

6. Stellar-Views – Great photo galleries

7. RetroMechanix – Yesterday’s wings

8.The Phantom Phacts – More F-4 facts

9.Travel for Aircraft – Military and Civilian aircraft photos

For example, The Hush Kit site recently had a great article on the “The 10 coolest cancelled airliners” You will really want to look!


Paul Martell-Mead said...

As the administrator of Secret Projects Forum I can say this is one of my favourite sites :)

Anything you might have on the early F-18 (Northrop P.530, YF-17, McDonnell-Douglas Models 263 and 267) or similar would be appreciated :)

SpaceRanger said...

A great list; thanks for posting.

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