Sunday, January 1, 2017

F2H-3/4 Plan, Sheer & Cross Sections

F2H-3 4 Plan Sheer & Cross Sections 1-24a scale Loft Sheet 23-3, dated March 9 1971, showing the F2H-3/4 Plan Sheer & Cross Sections in 1/24 scale. Credit: Greg Kuklinski

Click here to view drawing


davedd said...

Unfortunately this link is broken, like most of the others about banshee drawings/markings etc. It is great material, not easy to find anywhere else. Probably this documentation is the only reliable source of info for dimension an shape accuracy: most of the 3-v available in Internet are wrong in my opinion. Would be great if all these links could be fixed. Thank you.

Aviation Archives said...

Link is fixed!
Please read the following and you can fix all links yourself!

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