Friday, December 12, 2014

Unpainted F-15’s and F-18’s

F-18 Bare 3 Even after coming out of the paint booth (Bldg 48), McDonnell aircraft still had a lot of finish work to be completed before they could be delivered. We were issued and required to wear “booties” when ever we had to climb around on the aircraft; but, still the new paint jobs were scuffed, marked and scraped resulting in an inevitable paint cleaning and touch-up cycle having to be preformed! . After many years of complaining (Including yours truly), it was decided to finish the aircraft, flight test and then paint them. This resulted in unpainted aircraft flying around. A very strange sight to us long time employees conditioned to seeing painted flying aircraft; but, one can clearly see the different aluminum, composite or fiberglass sections of each aircraft. These planes have their own beauty!

Here is a selection of photos of these “naked” aircraft.

Click here to view photos

Click here to view a video of unpainted planes flying


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