Saturday, December 13, 2014

F-15 Speed Brake Development

Scan0333Scan0334Untitled 1bUntitled 2a One of the three main visual differences between pre-production and production aircraft is the length of their speed brakes. Short for pre-production and long for production. Jack Abercrombie (Former McAir Chief Aerodynamicist) has written a great article on the history of the F-15 speed brake development.

BTW: The other two are the clipped wing tips (covered below) and the notched horizontals.

Click here to read article and view photos

Click here for great large speed brake close-ups


Unknown said...

Does the speed brake have a blow back check valve or the flaps?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ron,
Thanks for your Flight Manuals. They are a good source for so much stuff not found elsewhere.
Are you able to help with access to the speed brake article? The click doesn't work.
Best regards Peter

Aviation Archives said...

Link fixed!

Anonymous said...

I recently read a report on the effect of airbrake extension on fin buffet on Euro Typhoon. Since the position is similar to F-15 I wondered what the F15 story was. Now I know. Much appreciated.

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