Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Joe Dobronski F2H Banshee Photos

F2H-3 126344 D4E20285THE LAST BANSHEE 2 Joe Dobronski sent along two more F2H Banshee photos for posting. A better photo of F2H-3 126344, which was one of the items I posted yesterday here. And a photo of the last Banshee produced.

If you don’t know Joseph Dobronski Sr., you should, as he is an important part of McDonnell Douglas Flight Test history.

Test & Research Pilots, Flight Test Engineers web site gives a very good biography:

“After graduation from the (Northrop Aeronautical) Institute in 1951, he joined McDonnell Aircraft in St Louis as a Flight Test Engineer; became a production test pilot in 1953 flying the F2H Banshee, and was promoted to experimental pilot after graduation from the USAF Test Pilot's School in 1954.

As an experimental test pilot, and later in 1966 as Chief Test Pilot, he helped develop the Demon, Voodoo, Phantom II, Eagle, Harrier, Hornet and other experimental aircraft along with a three jet helicopter. Joe became Director of Test Operations in 1972 and Director of Flight Test and Operations in 1976.

After retiring in 1984, Joe served as Chief Pilot for Wings of Hope, a humanitarian organization where he spent the next fifteen years flying medical missions in Central America and delivering aircraft for missions in Belize, Botswana South Africa, and the Galapagos Islands. With over 1700 flight instructor hours, he is a Fellow of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots.”

Read the web site for the complete biography.

Click here to view Joe's photos


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Tailspin said...

Interesting (at least to me) to note that the strut that was added between the horizontal stabilizer and the fuselage (covered by a fairing) on the F2H-3/4 was not on the last production one.

Aviation Archives said...

I never noticed that fact. I will have to look into it! Thanks

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