Saturday, December 6, 2014

Additional McDonnell F-4 Spin Chute Mystery Info

Spin F-4[3] Pat Rodgers confirmed that the F-4E in this photo was a “Photo Op” bird. This is F-4E 66-0287 #2280, which was bailed to McDonnell for tests. Note the photo target on it’s side. Pat goes on to say “The flight crew in the photo, Gentry and Rutan, flew all the F4E spin flights, and in addition some CAT 2 F4E A/C that were in Flt. test at the time.The spin program was complete without a resolution for an A/C configuration recovery mode.”

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Unknown said...

Has this been resolved since? I'm sure 66-0287 is the jet that's preserved at Wings over the Rockies in Colorado. I saw it at Lowry in 1987 when it was a GF-4E so I'd be surprised if it spiralled into the desert.

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