Tuesday, June 4, 2019

F-4A Phantom II Walk Around

Walk around photos of F-4A-4-MC Bu No. 148273. Taken at the Air Victory Museum in West Chester, Pennsylvania. (See previous post). Credit: Bill Maloney

From the Air Victory Museum website:

“The F-4 on display was not originally an F-4A. She started life as a pre-production F4H-1, and was upgraded to F-4A standard. Only 45 F-4As were built before production switched over to the F-4B. Most of the 45 F-4As built served in research and training roles, and very few ever reached squadron service as they were not considered fully operational. Aircraft from Block 3 onward served in the East Coat and West Coast Replacement Air Groups to train crews and to perfect operational techniques. The F-4 was delivered to the Air Victory Museum by heavy left helicopter from Lakehurst, NJ. Since she had been sitting for an extended period of time, the paint was rather worn and faded. We have re-painted the aircraft in the colors of VF-84, the "Jolly Rogers".”

Download here or here (12.8 Megs)


Kim Simmelink said...

Interesting... Slide 23 shows a leading edge slat???? Don't think any F-4As ever had them (only E,F, and S).

Aviation Archives said...

Retrofit or wing change?

Kim Simmelink said...

No after looking at all the slides, slide 23 isn't of the F-4A, because the rest show regular LE flaps on the plane. Clearly slide 23 has a bare metal wing with slat, probably from an F-86 or something like that.

Aviation Archives said...

I agree. Different aircraft. Bill must have gotten an extra photo mixed in!

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