Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Boeing X-32 to F-32

I got an e-mail from a regular blog reader, Charles, with this message and good looking art! If the X-32 had gone into production, this would have been a good look. Thanks Charles!

“After your recent posts on the X-32, I found an artwork some months ago of it as an F-32 in US Navy service which seemed appropriate to the topic at the time. A poster over on Large Scale Planes suggested it as a good candidate for a sharkmouth.

I adapted the found artwork, and I have to say I fully agree! The top picture is the original artist's work, the second a colour sharkmouth and  the
third a lo-vis one. I hope you enjoy them - it makes for a fearsome looking beast.”

Credit: Original drawing from

Download here or here or here (0.2 Megs)


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