Friday, June 14, 2019

F-101 Voodoo Building and History Article

A copy of an article from the October 1982 issue of Aerei Modellismo magazine. While primarily a modeling article in Italian, it has a lot of drawings and color and marking schemes!

Downlad here or here (2.9 Megs)


Gary Holder said...

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Aviation Archives said...

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Dr.G. said...

Will try on email again. Or put it here in comments.

On Voodoo:
first McD product Dad worked on.
first plastic model I worked on when Dad bought one and we built it. First of many for me as kid.
for me, most beautiful of McD (or McDD) mass produced aircraft and always sorry F-104 beat it out in production/use for similar era similar aerodynamics aircraft. Apparently, it kinda sucked to fly at times (but then, so did the F-104, apparently).

Dr.G. said...

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