Thursday, June 27, 2019

Boeing F-32–A What If

If you haven’t seen what Boeing proposed for the X-32 if it went into production; then, you must read this article over at The Drive Titled “This Is What A Boeing F-32 Would've Looked Like If Lockheed Lost The JSF Competition” and written by Tyler Rogoway.

A great look at the plans for the X-32/F-32.

Avialable here


CM said...

Hey Ron, just found your blog. I posted a link to it on so others could see the nice collection you have here. I'm a USMC veteran (2001-2006), and an (in-between-jobs) aircraft mechanic (CH-53E, H-1, H-57, H-60). Thanks for the posts!

CM said...

I forgot to say, there is an X-32 sitting in front of NAS Patuxent River, MD at the museum.

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