Friday, October 19, 2018

Three Engine F-106B

Three-engined F-106B-4 NASA technical memorandum, TM X-71439, on the “COMPARISON OF GROUND AND FLIGHT TEST RESULTS USING A MODIFIED F106B AIRCRAFT” Written by Fred A. Wilcox of the Lewis Research Center. Also, photos of the NASA test F-106B

From the forward:  “Two aft underwing nacelles housing afterburning J85 engines were added to an F106 to study exhaust nozzles in flight at Mach numbers up to
1.3. Installation effects were determined for several nozzles by comparing flight data to data from an isolated wind tunnel model. Reynolds number effects were studied at subsonic flight speeds for nozzles intended for use with afterburning turbo-
fan engines. A wide range of Reynolds number was obtained by flying the F106 over a range of altitude and by using 5 and 22% wind tunnel models of the F106. A contoured nozzle had a boattail drag as low as that of a longer circular arc nozzle over the Reynolds number range studied.”

Photos are here

Click here to download memorandum (4.6 Megs)

Alternate download here


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