Wednesday, October 3, 2018

F-4 (FV) Technical Proposal

F-4 (FV)Technical Proposal_01 Report B560 (Vol 1), dated 16 March 1965.

From the forward:
“This report presents McDonnell Aircraft Corporation‘s unsolicited proposal
for a three and one-half month, Navy-sponsored program definition of the Advanced
F-4B fighter aircraft concept identified as the F-4(FV). Preliminary studies per-
formed by McDonnell on this and previous configurations have been reviewed by the
Bureau of Naval Weapons. Navy review of McDonnell's preliminary efforts directed
the selection of the F-4(FV) configuration for fighter Weapon System Definition
Study now proposed. The comprehensive study proposed in this report will result
in the develoment of a program definition to assist the Navy in making a decision
on procurement of an Advanced Fleet Air Defense Hespon System.”

Note: This report and proposal predates the F-4(FV)S swing wing aircraft.

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