Friday, October 5, 2018

F-4 (FVS) Aircraft Swing Wing Detail Specification

USN F-4 FVS Aircraft Detail Specification A copy of the McAir report No.SD513-2 on the F-4 FVS Aircraft Swing Wing Detail Specification proposal. Dated 10 August 1966.

From the AeroSpace Project Review: “In the mid 1960’s, the McDonnell Aircraft Company devoted some internal funds and effort to the F-4(FVS). This would have removed the wing from the F-4 Phantom II and replaced it with an all-new shoulder-mounted swing wing. The target of this enterprise was primarily the US Navy; MAC assured them that the F-4(FVS) would be a superior carrier plane to the standard F-4 due to better low-speed handling characteristics. Howver, while the design seems to have been pretty sound, by this point the Navy wanted a capability the Phantom couldn’t provide: Phoenix missiles. In the end, the Navy largely ignored the F-4(FVS) and went with the F-14. But even then, McDonnell-Douglas proposed a design for the F-14 contest, the Model 225A, that was in part derived from the F-4(FVS) studies.”

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