Thursday, December 15, 2016

F-18 Spin Aircraft Photos

Scan0896abScan0910 The sixth production F/A-18A-2-MC Hornet, BuNo 1610780, C/N 6/a006 was designated for spin testing.
After spin testing it was leased to NASA at Edwards AFB, CA. in 1985, to be Used in high angle of attack and thrust vectoring tests. It was registered as N840NA and Flown as 840. After it finished with NASA, it was sent for display to Virginia Air And Space Centerat Hampton, VA, March 2003.

Per Jack Abercrombie: “ FYI, the MCAIR test pilot in the last three photos is Denny Behm, the designated high AOA/spin test pilot for the program.  (Denny was also the guy who flew the first spin in the F-15 Eagle a few years before--although not planned).”

Click here to view photos

Click here to download a very more F-18 spin Movie (.7 Megs)

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