Monday, December 5, 2016

North American T-2A (T-2J) Buckeye Flight Training Instructions

Scan10000 And Now for something different!                         A copy of the Flight Training Instructions for formation flying with the North American T-2A (T-2J) Buckeye from Naval Air Basic Training!. This is Part 8, dated 1964. Credit: Cole Piece

Part 8 says: “Flight Training Instructi0ns - Formation, T-2A(T2J)“ is published for
the information, standardization of instruction, and guidance of all flight
instructors and student naval aviators as an explanatory aid to the Naval
Air Basic Training Command T-2A(T2J) Basic Jet Flight Syllabus. It will be
the authority on the execution of all T-2A(T2J) Formation procedures and
maneuvers contained in the Basic Jet Flight Syllabus.”

Click here for instruction PDF (19.6 Megs)


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