Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lockheed Aircraft Photo Set

1Stitched XFV-1 A circa 1950 set of large color military and civil aircraft lithographs from Lockheed Aircraft (plus one drawing). Includes the XFV-1, F-94, P2V-1, P2V-2, WV-, L-749 Connie and L-1049 Super Connie. Credit: William Rudolph collection

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Unknown said...

Mr. Downey,

My name is Terry Swift and I have some Lockheed 1950's Lithographs that my dad got when working for Lockheed of Marietta, GA back in the late 1950's. All of them are in very good to excellent condition. They are:

Lockheed Turboprop Electra
Radar Super Constellation
Cargo Super Constellation
Lockheed Neptune - US Navy P2v-7
Lockheed Hercules - USAF C-130A
Lockheed Seastar - US Navy T2V-1
Lockheed Super Constellation - Model 1649
Lockheed Starfighter - USAF F-104

They have the same tan border and all are actual photographs except for a couple of the "Connies" and the "Electra" which are artist renderings.

Where can I find out their value and if these are in demand by collectors.

BTW, when I served in the USAF from 1976 - 1996, I was a Tactical Aircraft Crew Chief working on the F4-D, F-15-A/B, and the F-16C Blk 50 aircraft.

Thank you

Terry L. Swift

Aviation Archives said...

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