Sunday, June 19, 2016

F-4 Changes Between Models (Updated)

Scan22972 Tommy Thomason brought to my attention that these sheets are rather simplistic and I agree. So, in the spirit of providing as much info as possible, here are Tommy’s observations:

“Those illustrated summaries are a little weak. The F-4A configuration history during development was more complicated, e.g. big noses on airplanes prior to 19 like 10, 12, and 14. The raised canopy was introduced at 19.

The F-4B raised canopy was actually introduced during F-4A production as noted on the first sheet and above.

The F-4J sheet is USMC only, which implies that the maneuver slats were USMC only. If I remember correctly, the maneuver flaps were only a feature on the F-4S, the first lot of which were delivered to the Marines without the maneuver slats.

For some reason, the inflight refueling probe is shown on some sheets but not others.

You might want to link this particular post to this one for completeness and hopefully accuracy:

Tommy has studied the Phantom II extensively and is, in my opinion, an expert in early NAVY F-4’s. His website is a must visit for anyone interested in the F-4 Phantom II aircraft. It is at:

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