Thursday, June 2, 2016

AV-16A/Pegasus 15

AV-16A Pegasus 15 Report No. A2908 May-30-74_01 A copy of the MDC A2908 report, dated May 30, 1974 on the AV-8A follow-on as a “Cost Effective V/Stol Evolution” using a new forward fuselage and wings and mated with the Pegusas 15 engine.

From AirVectors: “In 1973, British Aerospace and McDonnell Douglas conducted a set of conceptual studies for a bigger and better Harrier, the result of which was the "AV-16A" or "AV-8X", based on the bigger and more powerful Pegasus 15 engine, with plenum-chamber burning. The informal "AV-16A" designation reflected the goal of an aircraft with twice the range and twice the warload of the existing AV-8A. There was also some interest in supersonic performance.”

Credit: The Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum

Click here to download tyhe report in PDF form (3.75)

Alternate download site for PDF


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