Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Marine Air Combat F-4J Report

Untitled 1 McDonnell Douglas report MDC A206, dated January 15, 1973 with a report on the proposed Marine Air Combat F-4J aircraft. Credit: Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum

Click here to download report in PDF format (5.2 Megs)


Anonymous said...

Hello, Sebastian again. This time I'm bothering you with a question. I like building model planes as close as possible to the real thing.I'm working on a A-4 Skyhawk and F14A Tomcat and today because of the blueprints that you posted here I've started on a F-4E Phantom. I was wondering if you have any blueprints for the A-4 like the ones for the F-4E?I post my work on you can check it out if you want.
Thank you.Sebastian.

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