Tuesday, February 16, 2016

McDonnell Douglas Fighter Recon System Report

Fighter Recon System FRS Report MDC A-2082 Jan-1-73_01 MDC report A-2082, dated  January 1,1973 for the proposed Fighter Reconnaissance System (FRS).

This system is described in the report as:

“The Fighter Reconnaissance System (FRS) is a day/night aerial reconnaissance
system designed to be carried as an external pod on the inboard wing pylon of an
F-4 Phantom II or on external station(s) of other contemporary fighter aircraft. The
FRS comprises a vibration free, light weight, low drag aerodynamic pod containing
essential environmental equipment and interchangeable modules. Each module is
configured with a mix of sensors to provide high quality imagery for a given mission.

The FRS will provide the operator with a cost effective and operationally efficient
reconnaissance system. It will allow him to quickly configure a fighter aircraft so that
that it can perform both a fighter and a reconnaissance mission on the same sortie
without restricting its fighting capability.” Credit: Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum

Click here to download the report in PDF form (25.3 Megs)


Bill Spidle said...

Ron thanks for sharing this gem of information. An interesting looking system.
A great scan as well!

Thanks for this and all the other documents you have been sharing.

Aviation Archives said...

Bill - Thanks for the kind words. I thought that it was special, also.

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