Saturday, February 13, 2016

McDonnell Douglas T-45 Goshawk Flight Manuals

A1-T45AB-NFM-000_01A1-T45AC-NFM-000_01 McDonnell Douglas T-45 Flight Manuals A1-T45AB-NFM-000_01, dated June 1, 2001 and A1-T45AC-NFM-000 , dated February 15, 2000 covering the T-45A and T-45C aircraft. Manuals via Irfan S. Hokan.

Click here to download T-45A manual in PDF form (23.4 Megs)

Click here to download T-45C manual in PDF form (18 Megs)


Brad said...

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much for making this info available. I'm considering building a full size T-45 cockpit for use with flight simulation software and the flight manual is invaluable in researching the project. If you have any dimensions of the cockpits I'd really appreciate if you could post them.



YSIAD_PIR said...

=Juice= Sent me here..
Thanks for posting this manual of such an iconic trainer!

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