Wednesday, March 11, 2015

RF-101 Striped Voodoos–Part 1

Untitled 1Untitled 2 I have always loved this RF-101A paint scheme ever since I saw it on our McAir flight ramp (See sketch in with photos).  It appears to be a trial camouflage for the mostly bare metal or gray Voodoos up until this time; but, before the T.O. 114 SEA Camouflage standardization.  The first photo above seems to have a tan color as well as the green with black stripes, while the second photo has only green with the stripes. Any thoughts?

Click here to view photos and sketch


RidgeRunner said...

Hi! The first image is of a machine that I am building as a 1/72 model. The scheme is one of many experimentals at Shaw AFB in the mid 1960s. My interpretation is that it is overall greens (x2) and tan/brown with Olive Green/Olive Drab striping for Exercise Desert Strike. The image was taken at Ontario Airport, Ca.

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