Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More F-15 Test Flight Photos at EAFB

Scan0223Scan1157 More photos of the F-15 Flight Test Program at Edwards Air Force Base in 1972 and 1973.


F-1 Envelope Expansion, Flying Qualities, External Stores
F-2 Engine Development, Performance
F-3 Avionics, Airspeed System
F-4 Structural Loads
F-5 Armament, Tank Jettison
F-6 Avionics, Fire Control System
F-7 Armament
TF-1 Two-Seater Evaluation, Training, VIP Flights
F-8 High AOA, Stalls, Spins
F-9 Aircraft and Engine Performance
F-10 Tactical Electronic Warfare System, Radar (at Eglin)
F-17 Time-to-Climb Record Setting
TF-2 Special Programs

Click here to see photos

Jan van Waarde wrote a wonderful monograph on the F-15 prototypes. Download it in PDF form here. Credit: the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum.


Anonymous said...


These F-15 photos of the prototypes are FANTASTIC!!


Aviation Archives said...

Thanks for the kind words, Daniel!
Glad that you likethem. Download and share if you want to.

Unknown said...

Great, but PDF link doesn't work.

Aviation Archives said...

Paul - Thanks for the heads up. Link is fixed now. Enjoy!

YSR75 said...

Fabulous pics

One of my favourite programs.

I bought a building to make a showroom and a small museum of small-scale models.
I hope I can well Y represent all the prototypes of F-15.

Aviation Archives said...

Wow! Please send photos when you are set up!

F15 Fan said...

Hi, the link is not working :( Can it be fixed ?

Aviation Archives said...

Link is fixed now

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