Tuesday, January 6, 2015

More F-15 Test Flight Photos at EAFB

Scan0223Scan1157 More photos of the F-15 Flight Test Program at Edwards Air Force Base in 1972 and 1973.


F-1 Envelope Expansion, Flying Qualities, External Stores
F-2 Engine Development, Performance
F-3 Avionics, Airspeed System
F-4 Structural Loads
F-5 Armament, Tank Jettison
F-6 Avionics, Fire Control System
F-7 Armament
TF-1 Two-Seater Evaluation, Training, VIP Flights
F-8 High AOA, Stalls, Spins
F-9 Aircraft and Engine Performance
F-10 Tactical Electronic Warfare System, Radar (at Eglin)
F-17 Time-to-Climb Record Setting
TF-2 Special Programs

Click here to see photos

Jan van Waarde wrote a wonderful monograph on the F-15 prototypes. Download it in PDF form here. Credit: the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum.


Anonymous said...


These F-15 photos of the prototypes are FANTASTIC!!


Aviation Archives said...

Thanks for the kind words, Daniel!
Glad that you likethem. Download and share if you want to.

Paul Martell-Mead said...

Great, but PDF link doesn't work.

Aviation Archives said...

Paul - Thanks for the heads up. Link is fixed now. Enjoy!

YSR75 said...

Fabulous pics

One of my favourite programs.

I bought a building to make a showroom and a small museum of small-scale models.
I hope I can well Y represent all the prototypes of F-15.

Aviation Archives said...

Wow! Please send photos when you are set up!

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