Sunday, January 18, 2015

MDC Product Support Eagle Talk Volumes 1 & 2

0001 Poor Xeroxes ; but, wonderful information on the F-15 characteristics compiled by the McAir Product Support Department for Eagle Drivers and mechanics.

The Eagle Forum website has this to say:

“Everything you ever wanted to know about general handling characteristics of the F-15 Eagle (non-E) but couldn't find in the Dash-1.
Eagle Talk V1 and 2 are compilations of the McDonnell Product Support Digest as far back as '75, up until '85, and include both test pilot, and operational squadron details how the various flight systems function in the real world.
You'll find the articles on the OWS and late takeoff rotation quite illuminating in tying down how good the AFM is here.“ Credit “Lunaticfringe” via

Click here for volume one in PDF form

Click here for volume two in PDF form


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