Sunday, November 9, 2014

McDonnell Douglas Proposed C-15B

Untitled 4 In 1977, McDonnell Douglas proposed to stretch the C-15A into the C-15B. The aircraft would have had a 15ft section added to the center fuselage and the span increased by 9ft each side. The landing-gear supports and pod would have been lowered by 6.7in, the rear spar moved 18in aft. Also, three stringers would have been added parallel to the rear spar with increased rib chord and 18in wider skin panels. There would have been six leading-edge segments instead of the current five. The C-15B was proposed as a C-141 replacement. Power plants would have been either four GE/Snecma CFM56s or Pratt & Whitney JTIODs.

Click the picture above for a larger size showing the proposed model.


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