Thursday, November 27, 2014

Czech Avia B-33/Ilyushin IL-10

Untitled 14 The Ilyushin IL-10 was license-built in Czechoslovakia by Avia as the Avia B-33. Here are some seldom seen photos of Avia B-33’s. (The first two photos are IL-2's, for comparison.) (See comment below) Photo credits: Zdenek Cizinsky
Click here for some nice B-33 photos from the Trebic Model club
Click here to view Zdenek's photos


Anonymous said...

The aircraft with DC-3 style gear legs are Il-2s while the Il-10s have P-40 style gear legs.

Aviation Archives said...

Thanks, I missed that! I changed wording to point out the IL-2's.

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