Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Navy Needed Targets To Mimic Supersonic Anti-Ship Missiles So They Bought Real Ones From Russia

Untitled 2 After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Navy acquired the same Kh-31 missiles that threatened its ships and made them into anti-ship missile targets.

It's extremely important for any military to make its training regimens as realistic as possible to give its forces the best sense of the threats they might face in combat and how to respond to them. Unfortunately, developing high-quality surrogates for the weapons and other systems that potential adversaries might employ is not always easy and in some cases, it ends up being possible to just go to the source of the threat itself.

The U.S. Navy faced just this predicament in the 1990s when it went looking for a high-speed target to simulate supersonic anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles and ultimately decided to just buy the MA-31, a derivative of Russia's air-launched rocket-ramjet-powered Kh-31 missile.

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