Wednesday, September 1, 2021

AV-8A Harrier Flight Manual (Earlier)

AV-8A Harrier Flight Manual_01 A copy of the Navair 01- AV-8A-1 Flight Handbook, for the AV-8A Harrier aircraft. Dated 15 October 1973. Credit: Anymouse Collection

Download here or here or here or here (9.5 Megs)


Dave said...

The Harrier was an interesting aircraft. The Marines wanted an aircraft that could be in the field with the GRUNTs. They remembered what happened in Viet Nam where Marine Air was put under control of the Air Force. Also the Marines did not want the A-7, which was the F-8 Crusader (which they did use) with the same air frame with a new engine and avionics. So they told the Navy that they were keeping the A-4. The Navy did not like this because they wanted the A-7 and told the Marines to find something else, ergo the Harrier which the UK used. The Navy closed the A-4 production line and the Harrier was maintained by McAir. Everyone happy.

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