Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Additional McDonnell Aircraft Model 119 Photos

9a McDonnell Model 119 N119M on McAir Ramp A collection of (107) McAir Model 119 photos that I have collected over the years. Some old and some new. Presented as a ZIP file for downloading. Note: This is a large file to download (180 Megs) Credit: Internet and as marked.

Download here or here (180 Megs)

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asiscan said...

Ron, I take it that the Model 119 is a personal favourite. Thanks for your outstanding efforts for future generations of enthusiasts!

asiscan said...

Ron, thanks for your consistently outstanding efforts for all including future generations of enthusiasts! I take it that the Model 119 is a personal favourite of yours. Thanks.

Aviation Archives said...

Personal note: I have loved this aircraft since I first saw it's sleek lines in Bldg. 42, when I joined the McAir Flight Test Dept. in 1963. This "Baby 707" sat in the corner of the hanger for several years and I got to "fondle" her many times and even went inside the cabin twice! Over the years, I collected everything I could find on her; so. stay tuned!

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