Monday, August 26, 2019

McDonnell Model 188E Booklet

  A copy of an early McDonnell Aircraft Model 188E Booklet for the “Americanized” Breguet 941. Dated June 15 1963.

From the booklet: “The Breguet 941 is the only truly satisfactory STOL transport flying today by virtue of its outstanding controllability and safety at the low airspeeds associated with very short take-ofl‘ and landing distances. Prompted by appreciation of this outstanding accomplishment and by a recognition of the need by the U. S. Military for a truly safe STOL transport, McDonnell executed
a license agreement with Société Breguet in 1962. This permits the use of the flight-proven Breguet 941 design in an American produced STOL transport, the McDonnell 188E. Built to U. S. Military Standards, the McDonnell 188E will take full advantage of the more than nine years of research and development effort already invested in the basic design, as well as the flight experience gained since June 1961.”

Download here or here or here (1.7 Megs)


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