Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Brequet 941 (McDonnell Model 188) Photos

  Photos of the Brequet 941 model aircraft which became the McDonnell 188E STOL aircraft.

In June 1961, the French company Breguet flew the prototype of the Breguet 941 aircraft, a four-engine transport vehicle with a short take-off and landing. Breguet signed a licensing agreement with McDonnell Douglas) for the marketing of this aircraft in the US market.

The prototype, also known as Model 188 , has undergone intensive evaluation trials in the United States - both promising civilian and military customers, but no orders were received. The prospective modification of the Model 188E for 76 passengers was also did not gain any customers. This option was planned to be equipped with General Electric CT58-16 engines.

Download here or here (59.4 Megs)


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