Monday, April 22, 2019

The Aviation Art of Shigeo Koike

“Shigeo Koike, known outside of Japan for the package art he has created for Hasegawa plastic model kits, is considered by fans to be the finest aviation artist in the world today. And they have a powerful argument: While maintaining an almost photographic accuracy in his subjects, he still manages to keep his works very much in the realm of fine art.” From Shigeo Koike Gallery

Download here or here (10.3 Megs)


Randino said...

All very nice...except the #21 picture appears to be a "what-if" model with a Shigeo Koike aircraft carrier as background(?)

Unknown said...

How does one determine the copyright status of Mr. Koike's paintings? I would like to obtain release to use one in a forthcoming book. Thank you.

Aviation Archives said...

Start at his web site:

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