Thursday, April 18, 2019

Douglas/Doak VZ-4DA VTOL Photos

Doak Model 16 was the first VTOL aircraft to demonstrate the tilt duct concept. It was built by the Doak Aircraft Company of Torrance, CA. The company president, Edmond R. Doak, had experimented with ducted fan and various other air moving principles since 1935. He first proposed a VTOL aircraft using the tilt duct principle to the military as early as 1950. The U.S. Army Transportation Research and Engineering Command purchased a single Doak 16, designated the VZ-4DA, serial number 56-9642. The Army issued the contract to Doak on April 10, 1956.

By late 1960, Doak was in serious financial trouble. They sold the patent rights and all engineering files to Douglas Aircraft, in nearby Long Beach (Edmond Doak had worked at Douglas in the 1930s and certainly still had many friends there). Doak finally closed its doors early in 1961. Douglas liked the aircraft and had some ideas for improving it, primarily by installing a larger engine and making numerous structural improvements. They made an unsolicited proposal to the Army in 1961, but could not sell their ideas. The Doak 16 remained at NASA Langley until August of 1972. Eventually it was transferred to the U.S. Army Transportation Command Museum at Fort Eustis, VA, near Newport News, where it is on display.

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Brian in buddina said...

the second link was the model 725 not the doak.
Did the Doak ever fly?

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