Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Blog Posting Note

After over four years of posting a new blog entry (1633 so far) everyday except vacations, I find that time and age are not my friends anymore!
Therefore, I will not publish a new blog entry on Saturdays or Sundays from now on.
Increasing family commitments and new ills are taking up the time I need to generate a new post each day!
BTW: As a reminder, this is what it takes to publish this material.
1. First, I have to find the material (Photos, articles, booklets; etc.) This takes a lot of time as I have 11 five-drawer file cabinets and 4 large book cases crammed with material!
2. Then the scanning, at an average of 2 min per scan - well, you do the math - another long process.
3. This is followed by dividing the scans into subject matter folders.
4. After that, each scan goes through a photo manipulation process (Think Photoshop) for cropping, sharpening, color balance and contrast correction, defect elimination; etc. Also, on pages that are larger than my scanner bed, I have to use stitching software to combine 2 or 3 scans into 1 image.
5. When I am happy with this outcome, I need to generate PDF's for some subjects and reduce the PDF size for up and downloading.
6. Next I have to upload the scans to an image service or my own website and obtain shortcut links for use in the blog.
7. The blog entry can now be written.
8. All is uploaded to the blog servers.
So, take a minute when you read a blog and appreciate all the (unpaid) work that goes into each entry!!


Anonymous said...

Admire your work since always, hat off to you sir.

Anonymous said...

I scan and sent documnents to my co-workers regularly and can understand and appreciate the hard work that you have been doing for the readers of your blog. Keep up the good work!!

I really like the photos that you have posted some of which I have never seen before eg on the mockup F-15. (I was reading Flight International magazine during the development of the F-15 but do not recall seeing any mockup photo)

Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks again Ron for all your hard work getting these publications online. You're the only one online with this amount content. Take your time, it's well worth the wait. You need to enjoy your retirement and family too!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your efforts Ron. They're appreciated.

SpazSinbad said...

Ron, Many thanks for your hard work. It is just excellent to have so many NATOPS or Flight Manuals all in one place, including all the other support material. My own scan of my own copy of A4G (A-4E/F/G) NATOPS has been posted (with some cover pages removed). That is OK - made the scans so others can appreciate the RAN FAA Skyhawk A4G. Meanwhile over a dozen years or so I have been compiling a large PDF file, whilst updating it online regularly and keeping the file size to enable archiving it to a DVD (I guess this restriction is fast becoming irrelevant these days). Not only is the PDF about the A4G but RAN FAA Fixed Wing and Helos along with material about 'How to Deck Land' particularly the amazing technology for Naval Aviation in the new F-35 variants. Current info is here: https://www.faaaa.asn.au/spazsinbad-a4g/

Aviation Archives said...

SpazSinbad -



Jota said...

Thanks for all. We appreciate your effort.

Unknown said...

Thank you VERY MUCH for the hard work and for sharing precious time with us!!

F16VIPER said...

Thank you very much for your time, efforts, dedication and sharing such interesting historical documentation.
I specially love seeing info and photos about the F-15 FA-18, YF-16 etc.
Kind regards.

Kim Simmelink said...

Once a week would be fine, I wish there was some way I could help you out! Just really appreciate all your work and dedication.

Brian in buddina said...

your effort is very much appreciated. Any number of posts per week or month is great. no need to feel you have to even do 5 per week. your one of my favorite bookmarks.
thank you

MICHAEL said...

your work is very laudable, thanks you

Aviation Archives said...

Thanks for all the kind words!


righidan said...

Dear Ron,
The amount of work that you have to do to let other people easily and without effort download your material s obviously enormous.
It is hardly believable, but the thing that I find absolutely incredible, is the outstanding quality of ALL the material you publish.
All what you post is a gift, and while I hope that you will spend many a peaceful and rewarding weekend, I will be waiting, as usual, for some more material of excellent quality, and the gifts will always be received with gratefulness, be they many or few.
Thank you again

Francesco Blasi said...

As they once used to say, I'm greatly indebted to you for both your deep competence and attitude towards sharing, a rare combination of virtues. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Ditto the comments above. Outstanding effort to publish this material.
Hope you continue as long as you still enjoy doing it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ron,

The contribution on me is incredibly big. Thank you very much for that. I'm sure you are making a lot of effort. Thank you for everything.

As new aerospace engineers are very welcome your recommendations. Would you consider writing an article/post about it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Ron
Great thanks for your hard work. You are great man.

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