Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Note on My Image Holder PostImg message "server not found"

Postimg.org had a registry problem about a year ago and they had to move to Postimg.cc.
All photos are still available; but, the "CC" must be subtituted for "ORG" in the corresponding URL address to get to the proper place. (Hold cursor over link to get URL address or change in address line.) Postimg.org becomes Postimg.cc.
Also... any URLs with the prefix "old." need to have that removed completely as well. IE, old.postimg.org/ should be amended to postimg.cc
Let me know if I need to fix any links beyond the several dozen that I have already fixed.
Mr. AA


Unknown said...

Gotta love it when time moves on and your links get mangled.

Also: gotta love how this post is dated Jan 1, 2020... more than a year from now. Any tips on stocks to invest in?

Anonymous said...

McDonnell Douglas Model 253 VSTOL , not working , if fixable thank you great site.

MICHAEL said...

thanks you very much , I was a litle sad for that problem

Aviation Archives said...

Only way to keep announcement on top!

Aviation Archives said...

McDonnell Douglas Model 253 VSTOL has been fixed.

MICHAEL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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